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O Wondrous Night '23


I was fortunate enough to be cast in SeaWorld San Antonio's "O Wondrous Night: The Greatest Story Never Told!" in the winter of 2023. What an adventure! The cast, the crew, the park itself: everything was amazing and so different than what I had come to expect from traditional theater and how entertainment is produced. This was also my first time working with animals on the stage, which was quite the experience. My favorite part of this production was the feeling of being an entertainer in its purest form: at SeaWorld, there is a huge variety of entertment, from fun rides and exhibits to flashy shows and stage performances. Being one of the many performers in the park felt like being a traveling actor in an historical troupe, entertaining the masses as they move from one spectacle to the next. I felt a certain historical connection between thespians that rode around in pageant wagons and myself.

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! The Musical!


directed by Anthony Runfola

What a thrilling show! Children's theater can be a challenge, but I really "spread my wings" with this role as I took the stage as The Pigeon from Mo Willems's beloved children's book. A heavily physicaly role, we ran this show for 6 weeks and I loved it!

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