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Theatre Experience

Tarleton State University: Where it All Began

My experience at Tarleton State University gifted me with a wide breadth of knowledge that

Samuel Beckett
directed by
Daniel Stone

"Endgame" by Samuel Beckett was my final role at Tarleton State University, and my greatest challenge: I was confined to a wheeled chair, portraying a blind man who rants and raves as he struggles with reality. The challenges were many (I sat under that sheet for a full half-hour, silent and still, while the audience entered the house!) but the rewards were almost infinite. An absurdist drama, we utilized some of the design concepts to honor the Ukrainian conflict at the time.

The Liar
by Pierre Corneille
adapted by
David Ives
Directed by
Nic McMinn

"The Liar" was an incredible experience: the tale of a compulsive liar, told in iambic pentameter. The lines themselves were a challenge as we had to say every word, every syllable and every rhyme exactly as scripted. Despite that challenge, this script contains some of my favorite monologues and witticisms.

Leading Ladies
by Ken Ludwig
Directed by
Mark Holtorf
"Jack Gable/Stephanie"

"Leading Ladies" was my first experience with women's costumes and it was truly an eye-opening experience and an absolute blast. From lighting-fast quickchanges, stage combat and learning how to run in heels, I loved this show!

A Christmas Carol: Every Man has the Power to do Good
by James Hutchison
Directed by
Prudence Jones
"Ebenezer Scrooge"

An absolute classic, I was honored to play ol' Ebenezer in this production. It was my first opportunity to play an older man, which posed its challenges, and it was my first "seasonal" production.